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Window film installation can provide several benefits, such as:


Energy Efficiency

Window film can reduce heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter, leading to a lower energy bill.


Tinted film can provide privacy, making it harder for outsiders to see inside your home or office.

UV Protection

The film can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your skin and furniture from fading.


Safety films can hold shattered glass together, reducing the likelihood of injury during break-ins or accidents.


Decorative films can enhance the look of your windows, while still providing all the other benefits.

Find The Best Residential Window Film Solution For You

Shade Protect Reflect supply and install a wide range of solutions, each one with its own set of benefits.
Privacy Window Film
Privacy Window Film For Your Home

Highly effective way to block out unwanted views from the outside world, while still allowing natural sunlight to enter the room.

Energy Saving Window Film
Energy Saving Window Film

Energy costs are skyrocketing, but that doesn’t mean that your wallet has to suffer or that you have to get rid of the natural light in your space.

Conservatory Window Film
Conservatory Window Film

Conservatory solar window film is a stylish and sustainable solution that can transform your conservatory.

Safety Window Film
Safety Window Film For Your Home

Safety window film installed in your home, you're taking an important step towards keeping your family and home safe.

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Looking For Commercial and Corporate Window Film Applications?

Shade Protect Reflect offer a range of services for businesses, schools and many other commercial properties. 
Heat Reduction
Heat Reduction Window Film For Business Premises

Excess heat can make buildings hot and uncomfortable, potentially causing problems in almost any room with windows.

Security Window Film
Commercial Security Window Film Installation

In the event of breakage, like a laminated glass film, our security window film will hold the glass together.

Anti Glare Window Film
Sun Glare Window Film For Business Premises

Anti glare window film for your business premises is a great way to ensure that your employees are comfortable and productive.

UV Window Film
UV Window Film for Commercial and Business Premises

Adding UV window film to your business premises adds 99% more insulating power to glass, saving on energy costs year round. 

What Is Window Film?

Window film is a thin layer of plastic that can be applied to the surface of glass windows to provide various benefits including privacy, UV protection, glare reduction, and insulation. There are different types of window film available, such as solar control film, security film, decorative film, and colored film. Some window films are designed to reduce energy consumption by reflecting heat and keeping the indoor temperature stable. Window film is commonly used in homes, offices, and vehicles to improve the overall comfort and safety of the occupants. It can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building or car by adding a decorative touch or color.

Keep your home and office cool, safe & private with the installation of highly effective window films.