Anti Glare Window Film for Your Home

Glare Reducing Window Film Installation

Tired of harsh sunlight beaming through your windows and creating annoying glare? Fear not - there's a simple solution - Anti Glare Window Film! With this special film, you can transform your home windows into oasis of comfortable, gentle light. The installation is easy and cost effective, with no mess or tools required. Enjoy sun-drenched rooms with a comfortable, gentle light all day long. Our Anti Glare Window Film installation provides you with an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution for harsh, uncomfortable light - at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows!

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Anti Glare Window Film Installation For Your Home
Anti Glare Window Film Installation For Your Home

What is Anti Glare Window Film?

Anti Glare Window Film is a tinted or metalised micro laminate polyester, in other words "film" that adheres to glass to reduce the suns glare.  Its Glare Reduction properties are the same principle as Sunglasses. The darker you go the higher the Glare Reduction.

Benefits of Anti Glare Window Film

Better Views

Increased Comfort

Blocks UV Rays

Protects Against Fading

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Sun Glare Window Film For Your Home

Window Film designed to reduce the intensity of incoming sunlight, thereby minimizing glare.

Maximum comfort without spoiling the view. Yes, you could close the blinds or curtains and switch a light on. Wouldn’t it be better to have some natural light and still being able to see the comings and goings outside. A anti glare solar film provides just that.

Reduce the suns glare by up to 88%

Reduce the Risk of Fading and Damages - Anti Glare Film Installation