Conservatory Too Hot? Install Conservatory Window Film

Use Your Conservatory All Year Round With Solar Film

Conservatories are a popular addition to homes, providing a bright and versatile space to enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors. However, conservatories can also be a challenge to maintain, with temperature extremes and harsh UV rays damaging furniture, fading fabrics, and making the space uncomfortable to use. This is where conservatory solar window film comes in as a stylish and sustainable solution to transform your conservatory.

Solar window film helps to reduce heat and glare in the conservatory and helps regulating the temperature. The film can be installed on any size or shape of conservatory window and roof,  available in a range of colors and shades to suit your style preferences. Professional installation ensures that the film is applied correctly and will last for years to come. 

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Conservatory Solar Window Film Installation
Conservatory solar window film installation


The film is a thin, adhesive film made of high-quality materials that is applied directly to the windows of your conservatory. It works by reflecting or absorbing solar radiation blocking out 82% of heat, 75% less glare and reduces harmful UV rays by 99%.


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Glare Reduction

UV Ray Protection


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Conservatory Window Film Installation

Professional Installation Options

Conservatory solar window film is a stylish and sustainable solution that can transform your conservatory. It regulates temperature, reduces glare, protects furnishings and fabrics from UV rays, and provides increased privacy. With a range of types and shades available, as well as professional installation options, conservatory solar window film is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for any conservatory.

Transform Your Conservatory with Solar Window Film: A Stylish and Sustainable Solution