Heat Reduction Window Film For Offices And Commercial Properties

Heat Reduction Window Film Installation by Shade Protect Reflect

One problem businesses can face every day in a busy working environment is controlling the level of interior temperatures. Heat Reduction Window film can realistically reject between 70% to 80% of the sun's solar energy and cut down 85% of the annoying glare, even more if you really want it. Reflective films are the best performing products in the solar control range as they can make an incredible difference to the amount of solar heat & glare transmitted through glass. Whatever the size of your building or the scale of your problem, we’ll be able to help with our solar window film soloutions.

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Heat Reduction Window Film For Business Premises
Heat Reduction Window Film For Business Premises

What is Heat Reduction Window Film?

Window film is basically a polyester product impregnated with a metal coating - either metalised or sputted process. The mirrored window film reacts to the strongest light source giving the effect of a reflective mirror or neutral grey look depending on the window film type and colour.


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Heat Reduction Window Film

Keep Cool with Heat Reduction Window Film

Our solar window film can have numerous other benefits including preventing eye strain, headaches and general discomfort especially if you're using computer screens. Glare and fading caused by harmful UV rays and reducing energy consumption by reducing the strain on air conditioning units also this can help you save money on your energy bills.

Heat Reduction Window Film Installation