Safety Window Film for Commercial and Business Premises

Safety Window Film Installation

Safety Window Film is an important consideration for any commercial or business premises. It provides a cost-effective solution to upgrade unsafe fragile glass and protect people and property from the dangers of broken glass. This film also provides an extra layer of security against intruders, as it makes it more difficult to break through the window without making too much noise. It also helps block out excessive sunlight and reduce energy costs, while still allowing natural light in. With Safety Window Film, businesses can ensure that their premises are safe and secure for everyone who visits them.

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Safety Window Film for Commercial Premises
Safety Window Film for Commercial Premises

What is Safety Window Film?

Safety film, also known as security film, adds a layer of protection to your windows. This kind of film is thicker than regular window tint. Because of this, it has the superior ability to hold glass in place.


Prevents Glass Injuries

Anti-shatter properties

More security

Prevent burglars

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Safety Window Films for Commercial Premises

Protect From Potential Injury From Broken Glass

Safety window film works when glass breaks, controlling the post-break behaviour of the broken fragments, generally by holding the pieces together attached to the film.  This greatly enhances the safety of building occupants and protection of furnishings from damage caused by broken and or flying glass pieces.

Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe - Safety Window Film Installation